Las Vegas psychic Krystyna Long offers psychic readings to individuals, couples and groups in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. As a professional therapist and hypnotherapist with clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient gifts, Krystyna assists her clients in finding success in all areas of their lives. Whether dealing with issues from the past or questions about the future, Krystyna provides guidance, insight, clarity and comfort through psychic readings, tarot card readings, past life readings and aura readings.

Krystyna is intuitive and empathetic which enables her to connect with and tune in to people. The result is always clear, positive guidance. Her psychic readings are detailed, specific and accurate. Krystyna assists Las Vegas clients in altering their paths in positive ways. Her messages empower clients to meet their career objectives as well as resolve relationship, family and health challenges.

Tarot Card Readings
Through the symbolism and imagery of tarot cards, the scope of which spans human history, Krystyna can predict outcomes and provide clients with guidance to their most successful path. For those who are experiencing troubled relationships or who are looking for love, she also provides relationship tarot readings and love tarot readings in Las Vegas and Henderson.

Past Life Readings
Ever wonder, “Who was I in a past life?’ Chances are, this is not your first time on this earth. As we face challenges in this lifetime, sometimes issues from our past lives become a factor that need to be addressed through a past life reading. Krystyna helps access the experiences and lessons learned throughout previous lifetimes and assists in better understanding of how those issues impact her clients today.

Aura Readings
Everything and everyone is surrounded by energy. To those who are gifted with the ability to see energy auras, like Krystyna, the bands of energy that surround someone provide insight into that person, their emotional well being and physical health. Krystyna Long provides aura readings to Las Vegas and Henderson residents and visitors by interpreting the color, clarity, consistency, patterns and shape of their auras. She uses what she sees to better understand her clients and is able to articulate valuable directives on how they can alleviate any problem areas in their auras and restore positive energy, health and well being to their lives.

Having a Party?
If you’re looking for fun, unique entertainment at your next corporate event or party, contact Krystyna to perform readings for your guests.

$50 per half hour
$90 per hour

Discover what the future holds for you through a real psychic reading with Krystyna Long. Call her today at (702) 755-5822.