While I was working in Dallas, Texas a few years ago, I took a tarot card class from a world-renowned teacher, Major Tom Schick.  For me the experience was amazing!  His method focused on student empowerment, something I have believed in and practiced since the 80’s.  (Look him up…www.majortom.biz

….he is really, really good!)

What approach do Major Tom and I have in common?  In a way it’s very simple: there is no such thing as failure or getting “it” wrong; and, since the class is intentionally small, the environment supports co-exploration and co-learning. Fun is the name of the game!

I will be teaching a series of tarot classes in the fall based on Major Tom’s approach.  I am so happy that I have his encouragement and look forward to empowering others in a similar way.

Look for the class to be posted here soon! Follow me on Facebook for more information and announcements.

Coming in the Fall: Tarot Card Reading Classes in Las Vegas

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